About Us

Scorpion Reloads is a Michigan based small business dedicated to the manufacture and supply of high quality remanufactured ammunition for rifles and pistols. We use the highest quality components in every caliber we offer, ensuring that every round delivers performance matching the best factory ammunition. We are proud to offer a large selection of calibers to ranges, trainers, and shooters alike.


We start our manufacturing process using processed brass. This brass is sorted to ensure only brass that meets specifications is used to load. This sorted brass de-primed and the primer pockets are swaged. Next, the prepared brass is resized according to factory specification. Once the resizing is completed, the processed brass is inspected and cleaned before the loading process begins.


The bullets that we use meet factory ammunition specifications, ensuring that our ammunition performs accurately and consistently from batch to batch.


Scorpion Reloads only uses quality, non-corrosive Boxer primers in all of our ammunition. Using quality primers helps ensure that every round fires properly and performs equally to factory ammunition. Every round we manufacture uses primers that are compatible with factory ammunition specifications.


We understand that powder is key to making reliable, accurate ammunition. Every batch of ammunition is carefully checked to make sure that the proper powder is used, and that the quantity of grains meets factory load specifications. Our powder scales and dispensers are maintained and calibrated regularly to ensure consistency and reliability. Scorpion Reloads only uses the highest quality, non-corrosive powder in our ammunition.

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